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Roche Rounds / Rocephin was the first in a series of Interactive CD Applications designed to promote the safe and effective use of the drug Rocephin.  In May of 2001, 6000 Business Card CD's were produced and distributed nationwide to physicians by Roche Labs pharmaceutical reps.  

While running the program, Roche Rounds Participants test their medical knowledge and accumulate points by correctly answering a series of multiple choice quiz questions.  At the end of the quiz, the user selects from a list of medical schools to be beneficiary of their points.  Individual scores are submitted to the Roche Rounds Website automatically upon completion.  

Usually, a project of this caliber is created by a diversified team of medical writers, designers and programmers, but not in this case.   The Prototype for the Roche Rounds Rocephin project was created entirely by a team of two.   One medical writer researched and assembled the text and scientific content of the program that was presented to Roche Labs for review.  Once the "script" was approved, the rest was up to me.  This was "my baby".  Over the course of about three months, and nearly 60 revisions, I somehow managed to incorporate all the requested features to transform 40 pages of scientific text into a fully functional interactive multimedia application that was both entertaining and informative at the same time.   

I was responsible for the design and creation of all graphic elements that appear in the application screens, the print layout and design of the CD label and outer packaging, and all the object oriented programming required to make the program function.  Some of the requested features incorporated into the program include:

  • The program "autoruns" as a stand alone application directly from the CD.
  • An unlimited amount of users  can run, quit and resume the program from the same computer.
  • Help screens and complete product information and references are available to the user at any time prior to submitting the answer to any given question.
  • Points may be submitted on-line, or by fax.   Each session has a unique serial number to identify and deny multiple submissions from the same user.

The second version of the program, Roche Rounds / Kytril was created, released and distributed for the competition ending 12-1-2002.